Who We Are

The Colorado Clean Water Coalition is a bipartisan coalition of Municipal, County, Business and Special District stakeholders that strongly support the goals of the Clean Water Act and have demonstrated a strong and unwavering commitment to water quality and environmental stewardship in Colorado.

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Donald Rosier – 2014 CCWC Chair
Jefferson County Commissioner

Roger Partridge – 2014 CCWC Vice-Chair
Douglas County Commissioner

Our Challenge

The Coalition has serious concerns with the EPA’s recent endeavor to promulgate new stormwater regulations which, based on public outreach conducted by the EPA, appear to have been drafted without considering Colorado’s specific climate, geology, water quality concerns, water law and other important factors necessary for successful protection of Colorado’s water resources.  These new regulations also appear to have not considered our members’ existing programs that have been developed specifically for Colorado and have proven to be effective. What is being advanced has serious implications for the Coalition’s tax-payers and businesses at a time when the Country is struggling to recover from one of the worst recessions in modern history.

The Coalition requests assistance to ensure that before EPA moves forward with public comment and promulgation of the new Stormwater Rules that EPA work with the Region 8 EPA office, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and local Colorado governments and business stakeholders to identify local stormwater issues, if any, and identify regionally appropriate and cost effective solutions to those issues. The Coalition also request that any new rule include provisions in the rule that would allow states with primacy and local programs, such as those of our members, to opt out of the new rules when the State or local program can demonstrate success in the treatment of local stormwater issues.  These are critical fail-safes necessary to ensure that the EPA only promulgates new rules once locally specific stormwater impairments have been identified. This will help ensure that any rules developed are geographically-specific, cost effective and provide sufficient flexibility to incorporate appropriate levels of regulation based on the identified, if any, impairment.

What You Can Do?

Show your support for regionally appropriate, cost effective and flexible stormwater rules and regulations that are best suited to protect Colorado’s water resources by sending a letter of support to the Coalition.

A letter template is located on this Web page.


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